• Connect with your customers.
  • Communicate your value.
  • Increase your revenue.

You're not buying copywriting.

You're buying connection and impact.

Your Site Traffic is Useless

if You're Not Converting Your Visitors

Use a Lead Magnet to Convert on Autopilot


A lead magnet is a gift you offer your audience

in exchange for their contact information.

1. I’ll write you an eBook to use as a lead magnet that’ll provide your target audience great value. 

2. You’ll offer it to them for no charge. Something really good for nothing

3. All they do to get it is share their contact details. And once you have that information, they’re no longer visitors. They’re leads.

Leads to be directed down your marketing funnel to become customers.


Think about it. Maybe you have 1,000,000 site visitors. 


But that’s a vanity number. 

If they visit and don’t buy or you don’t capture information for follow up, it’s just a number with no relationship to your bottom line. It’s in the conversion numbers that you see real success.

Conversions. That’s why you need me to write you a lead magnet that will delight your target audience.



  • We’ll work together to pick a specific segment of your market to target for conversion.
  • Together we’ll focus on a specific problem they’re facing.
  • We’ll identify a specific solution to solve that problem.
  • I’ll package the solution into a high value eBook to be used as a lead magnet. A book that properly represents your brand, positioning your company to successfully convert visitors into leads and leads into customers.



Here’s a freebie for you. I’m not even gonna ask you for your contact information, just click the link and take a look.

Stop Procrastinating Now

I wrote this eBook as a vehicle to promote and sell one of my books. It has had a direct impact on sales as well as inspiring a number of potential clients to reach out to see if I would write for them. 

Why am I not asking for your contact details in exchange for this eBook? I can only handle a limited number of lead magnet assignments each year and I already have some booked. If you’re not seriously considering working with me to develop one for you, I’m not gonna chase you. 



You need quality leads to help your business grow.

A lead magnet that offers real value to your target audience can help you get those quality leads.

Contact Scott Frothingham to get a lead magnet that will get the job done and increase your marketing spend ROI.

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