Your business deserves a competitive edge with focused, goal-oriented writing that results in readers taking action. 

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You have a story. 

I’m here to tell it well.

Web Copy & Landing Pages - Email/Email Sequences

Blog Posts & Articles - Social Media Posts

Editing/Rewrites - Brand Storytelling

Sales Materials - Presentations

Video Scripts - Ad Copy

Lead Magnets - eBooks

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Clear, concise, compelling copy that attracts, engages, and converts.


Relevant, focused SEO-informed writing that delivers organic traffic based on reader intent.


"The only regret you’ll have 

after hiring Scott Frothingham is

not having put him on your team earlier."


My persuasive, customer-focused copy sells your value proposition more effectively, and that typically means more money flowing into your business.


Before writing the first word, I listen and I research. Your copy will be precisely targeted for conversions as well as being in your voice, supporting and building your brand.


My years of experience in sales, marketing, and copy/content writing back up every hour invested for clear, concise messaging that grabs attention, creates interest, and motivates reaction.


I don't specialize in any one type of business. I focus on problems that copy and content can solve. Along with best practices, I bring fresh eyes and ideas to address your needs. I specialize in getting you results.


I can translate complex subjects and ideas into everyday language for diverse audiences.


I know my strengths and am well aware of my weaknesses. I won't waste your time if my services don't align with your needs.


I'm easy to work with, listening deeply, welcoming feedback, and hitting deadlines. My mom says that my positive attitude and wry sense of humor can be infectious.


I don’t lose sight that my job is to add value for you and your business.