Your business deserves a competitive edge with focused, goal-oriented writing that results in readers taking action. 

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And you get the benefit of that experience with every project we work on together.

Experience that’s different from most other copywriters. 

Because my career hasn’t been spent staring at a computer screen. My background is hands-on marketing and management.

  • That in-the-trenches experience gives me a unique ability to understand both your needs as a business and your customers’ needs as end users.
  • It’s how I can easily slip into your brand voice. And how I can fine-tune messages that connect, convince, and convert. 

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It Took Me 34 Years to Write This Headline.


You have a story. I’m here to tell it well.

Scott Frothingham: Copywriter. Storyteller. Carrotdangler. WordwranglerScrollstopper.